The Story of Wellness 

At Makin, we curate an exquisite range of Turmeric Tea, Kadha, and Granola Bar. All of which are 100% pure, organic, and preservative-free.

Our range of  Turmeric Tea is first in the market. These are highly refreshing tea with a delicate taste of lemon, hints of spices, and a herbal aftertaste. These are an absolute delight on the palate.

In a country, where Ayurveda and herbal lifestyle took inception, what could be a better remedy for your daily stress than a cup of tea. That too when the tea is infused with ingredients having soothing properties. Tea that has for ages been working as a mood-boosting drink whenever one is feeling down, a sip of tea and you are ready to go.

But, there's nothing green in your green tea. That is how came the idea of making an organic tea containing all the ingredients that are 100% pure, organic, and without any preservatives.


We started by getting our stomach upset !! Funny isn't it?

Well, we all have read the benefits of green tea and why we should drink it regularly. But, what we don't know is that it does have side effects. It causes digestive and stomach problems which is exactly happened to us. That's how came the idea of making a turmeric tea mix which has 100% pure ingredients, real turmeric & honey, (so no need to add sugar, which again is very unhealthy).

Talking about one of our bestsellers, Immunity Boosting - Kadha, it is an instant way to boost your immunity.

Just mix in hot water, strain, and sip!

This one of a kind Kadha came through the combination of our Tea mix idea & AYUSH Ministry's advice to consume kadha.

Kadha made with goodness of real honey, tulsi leaves, ginger and other spices help boost your immunity against seasonal flu and allergies.